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Help request with API

Dear all, I am trying to play with the Thermosmart API, and so far was unsuccessful trying to reach it as described at The first lines of instruction are:

# 1. Login (username: either thermostat ID or email, in this case, we use thermostat ID)
curl -k -c cookie.txt -vd "username=ts012345678&password=p4$$\/\/0r[)" ""
# 2. Get Authorize Dialog
curl -k -b cookie.txt -v ""
# 3. Authorize  (read out transaction_id from the HTML form received in the previous step). transaction_id prevents from XSRF attacks.

Having replaced the password and the username with the ones at the back of the thermostat, I am not getting the transaction_id in the second step. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? The lines I am executing:

    curl -k -c cookie.txt -vd "username=it062**&password=********" ""

    curl -k -b cookie.txt -v ""

Presumably I am missing the client_id. Where can I find it?

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